Legend Of Galaxy

An appealing blockchain game with personalized NFT integrated in LFW Gamehub and ecosystem toward a true metaverse for the community.

Welcome To "Legend Of Galaxy"

Five hundred years ago, the alliance of the three races, Fairy, Humans, and Beasts successfully vanquished Lord Volderius and liberated the Galactic Chaos from the domination of the demons. Following the vital victory, the galactic throne was left vacant, waiting for a new king to claim it. As centuries have gone by, the alliance between the ancient races has been broken off and the Galaxy falls into a whirlpool of wars for the throne. Once again, the demonic legion reemerges and forges an alliance with the monsters of darkness, waging war against the entire Galaxy.

You will join the war as a leader, recruiting elite heroes to form a powerful team to battle against the demons and monsters, claiming the throne as well as exploring uncharted territories to build and prosper.


The game possesses beautiful chibi-style 2D graphics, highly unique heroes' appearances and extraordinarily eye-catching and spectacular battle effects.

Here, players will witness hundreds of wars between the races present in the Lotus Galaxy simultaneously on the game screen under the terrific power of the unique abilities of the heroes. Moreover, players immerse themselves deep into the game with catchy and soothing theme music.


With the community-first approach, we strive to create the top blockchain game experience with enriched economic model in a metaverse ecosystem, which provides various values and benefits for our players, partners and investors.

We set out to develop the game with realism technology metaverse in the near future.


Legend of Galaxy aims to be a digital universe where every member has fair opportunities to participate, entertain, contribute and express their lifestyles digitally and reap handsome rewards.

How to Play

Legend Of Galaxy is a crossroad game combined with general card role-playing; players will have the opportunity to recruit more than 100 characters and build the most powerful squad to participate in campaigns to conquer new territories in the galaxy.

In Legend Of Galaxy, players will collect and upgrade hero cards to overcoming challenges. Players have to strategically deploy their heroes in battles to fight against their enemies. Each hero possesses unique abilities so the number of combinations between the heroes seem to be infinite.

Furthermore, players can also summon various powerful beasts to aid them in the battles, such as calling dragons to freeze enemy soldiers in ice blocks or phoenixes to heal the heroes etc. What is more, lands in Legend of Galaxy comes in a variety, from dense forests, tundra, mountains to deserts in endless spaces with different species occupying them.

In addition, Legend Of Galaxy also offers PVP and Class War features, exploring new spaces and hunting for new and desirable species. Players will be able to compete in real-time battles against each other and receive valuable rewards as well as unlock powerful ultra rare heroes.

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