Inflation is one of the chronic problems that most current NFT games inevitably have, requiring team developers to tackle it with a variety of realistic approaches. After becoming aware of this ongoing issue, our members did in-depth research and promoted a proper anti-inflation system, which resulted in keeping the in-game experience between players. balance and maintain a sustainable economy in LOG

Restrictions on Newly Created and Upgraded NFTs

The anti-inflation mechanism for the first version will be to limit the number of NFTs generated. Also, each time you upgrade, the amount of NFTs consumed will depend on the level of that upgrade. They will be merged together to increase the rarity of the NFT. All NFTs have

Withdrawal system

To withdraw tokens, users need to reach a certain amount. The higher the accumulation, the smaller the tax to withdraw tokens. Besides, regarding our anti-inflation system, it has been developed to a new level. In other words, instead of burning our tokens, our developers will lock them into a vault. The fact that this amount of tokens will be recorded in our system and retrieved will serve as an upcoming reward. This, as a result, not only goes a long way towards limiting the tokens being distributed to the market, but also reduces the likelihood of running out of tokens in order to have enough tokens distributed to investors. investment.

We will use to lock tokens from the following sources Lock from NFT selling profit.

Lock from team tokens quarterly from the time of unlocking.

Fees from transferring tokens into-out of the game will be used to buy back NFTs and destroy them nft purchased.

NFTs used by the player to upgrade or fusion will be completely destroyed.

All activities will be published on our channels.

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