We are a group consisting of experienced professionals in the financial markets and young, dynamic, open-minded people, including marketing, engineering, market research and financial talents from blockchain projects. We aim to promote wider acceptance of gaming projects and create development space for NFT of in-game characters and digital assets on decentralized financial platforms.

CEO & Co-founder

Before entering the crypto field, he is a market development consultant for new products. He has been involved in the crypto market since 2016 and worked and advised on market expansion strategies for various blockchain projects. When participating in several Blockchain events in the Asian market, he sees a huge demand for the Blockchain space, especially the decentralized financial market, along with the trend of digital assets on the Blockchain platform.

Technical Advisor

Dr Ken Hunt has 8 years of experience in sustainable system design, product development, and entrepreneurship. He was a blockchain enthusiast since 2017 and currently working as a C-suite executive in a blockchain company. He has a strong technical background with a PhD degree and business development expertise with an MBA. He also consulted for several startups, industries and governments in deep tech. He is the one to ensure the project developing on a strong and sustainable track.


Dr Xavier Taylor, currently co-CEO of a company developing blockchain gamehub and DEX, graduated with MS, PhD and MBA in Europe and the US. He has gained extensive experiences in leading R&D teams, multi-million dollar projects and C-suite stakeholder engagement. He is also founder and director of a research lab focusing on using Artificial Intelligence to solve challenging technical problems. Having 17 years of expertise in start-ups, digital innovations in academia, industries and charities.

Core Team

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