Challenges and Solutions

Blockchain game with the innovative play-to-earn model has started the next era in gaming industry. However, there are persistent challenges in GameFi

Legend of Galaxy is launched via a fair distribution token by public sale EXCLUSIVELY, without VCs or private sale, therefore GAE token's price will not be manipulated after IDO. Most of the fund raised in IDO will be put and locked in the liquidity pool, which belongs to its true owner, the community, no frauds and phishing are possible.

With the goal of innovating traditional NFTs and turning them into interoperable, editable, and convertible versions, through the invention of NFT on the ERC-721 platform, we aim to provide digital ownership to gamer and internet users around the world.


Legend Of Galaxy’s goal is to create a more diverse and pleasant environment for players to interact and enjoy their NFTs on multiple blockchains through the LFW Gamehub, by boosting the interoperability of NFTs propagated to the LFW metaverse with various values. In addition, the infinite user experience lays the groundwork for players to entertain in Legend Of Galaxy and the LFW metaverse. In other words, interoperable NFTs will be a revolution of the NFT market, making it more connected and dynamic.


The growth of the NFT market requires modifiable features to follow the laws of change and diversity in the metaverse. The editability feature makes NFTs more flexible and advanced. In Legend Of Galaxy particularly and the LFW Gamehub, players can conveniently alter their in-game properties and setups in accordance with their situations, resulting in a deeper strategic aspect as well as better quality of life. Imagine if you could travel through a range of environments in our metaverse with a single NFT.

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