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GameFi's core values are our main concerns: Entertainment, Incentive rewards for players and DAO governance mechanism.
Multiple strategies will be made to sustain the in-game economy and extend users' benefits:
☐ Challenging gameplay and meticulously-designed features.
☐ The free to found their guilds and build forces with other players to conquer new lands.
☐ Stable token and NFT utilities.
☐ A sophisticated burning mechanism guaranteed and balanced by a data driven economy.
Specially, LFW Token holders will benefit from multiple projects in the LFW Ecosystem, including Legend of Galaxy.
The in-game economy and strategy will be decided by a DAO governance mechanism, promising to deliver the decision-making power to the community and create a fair economy.
A series of guides will be published to serve the community and help them understand the game better, thus enhancing their experience.